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Sweater and Fabric Comb

Custom Options

Custom-made labels
Name/logo imprinting
Color handles
Paper insert
Other options
Or we can create a style for you



The D-Fuzz-It® Sweater and Fabric Comb has been personalized and customized in many different ways. We have outlined a few of them below. After you've looked at some of these variations, you might want to consider adding sleeves, pouches or any other packaging and display aids from our product line. All of these components can be customized for your needs.


Custom-made labels

Labels can be created with up to three lines of type, and are available in gold, red, and white with black printing. Different type styles are available.

When fewer than three lines are chosen, type is enlarged (where possible) to gracefully fill the space.


Name/logo imprinting.

Your name or logo can be imprinted in any color of ink imaginable.


Color handles

Handles can be molded in any color of the rainbow. Shown here are a few examples.


Paper insert

Insert can be created by Oak Hill in any color of the rainbow, or can be supplied by the customer. Inserts are a great place to provide information about your company, and to include usage instructions in your choice of languages. Your logo can be placed on the front of the insert. Inserts are placed in the envelope, sleeve or fabric pouch with the sweater and fabric comb.

And more options...

Other options include
Custom display card
Comb in individual fabric bags or another type
Envelopes or sleeves sealed closed using company sticker or tape

Or we can create a style for you. Contact us.

The choices are without limit!


We will be happy to discuss the minimum quantities and prices when you contact us.

D-Fuzz-It® Sweater and Fabric Comb is made in the U.S.A.
Packaging is made in the U.S. and other countries.

Above data is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Details for Vendor Information Forms should be confirmed with Oak Hill Industries.


The possibilities are endless!

To discuss your ideas, contact us.
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