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Sweater and Fabric Comb

Make someone happy
with a D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb!
    D-Fuzz-It Sweater and Fabric Comb in Tortoise with Goldtone    


It doesnít surprise us when people tell us how much they love their D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb. People are excited to have a product that eliminates a problem they thought they were stuck with forever. And they've put it to all kinds of uses.

Even the finest sweaters pill. It's part of the experience of wearing a luxurious fiber. Why not provide the finest tool to remove the fuzz? The D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb removes fuzz from all kinds of woven or knitted napped fabrics such as cashmere, lambís wool and acrylic.

D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb works quickly and without harm to garments to keep good clothing looking new. Itís a terrific little affordable investment. Fuzz-free is the way to be. Who knew it could be so easy?

D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb is a great promotional item. Display box headers can be customized. Describe the product! Advertise a promotion! To make sure your customers remember where they found this wonderful tool, each package sleeve provides a place for your business card or promotional material.

Provide an easy, inexpensive solution to a problem, and your customers will return again and again.


The possibilities are endless!

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